Mizzou Tigers Lose to Mississippi State 52-42


Is Mississippi State the Mizzou Tigers’ kryptonite?

The Mizzou Tigers defeated/lost to the Mississippi State Bulldogs 52-42 Sunday night. Despite cleanly upsetting the Bulldogs in Columbia earlier this season, the Tigers had a rough time in Starkville. Mizzou ran into foul trouble early; four players earned at least four fouls, and one, Jordan Frericks, fouled out. Frericks’s departure was a massive blow for the Tigers. Before fouling out, Frericks had a double-double, with 12 points and 10 rebounds. Sophie Cunningham also had double digit points, notching 13 points on just under 50 percent from the floor.

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Unfortunately for the Tigers, every other player on the team went cold. Aside from Sophie Cunningham and Jordan Frericks, no other Tiger made more than two shots from the floor, and no more than two shots from three. In total, Tigers players not named Jordan Frericks or Sophie Cunningham only scored 17 points, while that pairing scored 25.

Mississippi State did not fare much better. Only three players scored double digits points, and the Bulldogs had two players foul out, compared to Mizzou’s one. The three players that scored double digits (Morgan William, Teaira McCowan, and Victoria Vivians) played remarkably well. Victoria Vivians grabbed seven rebounds along with her 13 points, and Morgan William contributed two of State’s seven assists. But outside of those three, the Bulldogs were shooting poorly; only four other players scored, and of those, they only scored 12 points. The Bulldogs got ahead through sheer numbers; while the Tigers shot better percentage-wise, the Bulldogs made more shots.

The X-factor for Mississippi State was their defense. The Bulldogs only committed 18 turnovers, and stole the ball eight times, more than Mizzou’s assists and steals combined. The Bulldogs made most of the their rebounds on the defensive end, taking away Mizzou’s bread and butter. Frankly, Mizzou doesn’t have too many other dishes on the menu.

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