Top 30 Draft Selections in St. Louis Rams History

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30. Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Round 7, Pick 250 Overall, 2005

Sure, Fitzpatrick didn’t make a massive impact on the Rams while he was here, as he started just three games, losing all three, while completing 56.3 percent of his passes, throwing for four touchdowns and eight interceptions. In terms of statistics, though, Fitzpatrick is far and away the most successful quarterback the Rams have ever drafted, and it would feel wrong to not include any of the eight quarterbacks the Rams have drafted while in St. Louis on this list.

According to Pro Football Reference’s Approximate Value stat (basically a football version of Baseball Reference’s WAR), Fitzpatrick has had the 12th-best career of any player the Rams have drafted while in St. Louis, and the best among quarterbacks. He’s also ranked as the 18th-best player overall from the 2005 Draft. Over his 11-year career, Fitzpatrick has played in 111 games (starting 103) and has gone 42-60-1. He’s completed 60.2 percent of his passes while throwing for 149 touchdowns and 111 interceptions.

When you factor in that the Harvard product was the 250th overall (sixth-to-last) pick in the 2005 Draft, it’s easy to see how Mike Martz made a fantastic selection in Fitzpatrick. Perhaps if Martz had stuck around in St. Louis beyond the end of the 2005 season, he would have had a chance to develop Fitzpatrick into the quarterback he’s become today, likely negating the need for the Rams to take Sam Bradford first overall in 2010 (or subsequently flip Bradford for Nick Foles this past offseason).

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