Top 30 Draft Selections in St. Louis Rams History

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16. Dexter McCleon, CB, Round 2, Pick 40 Overall, 1997

Dexter McCleon may never have been the Rams’ “number one” cornerback, as he spent nearly all of his career with the team in the shadow of either Todd Lyght or Aeneas Williams, but he was a very good starter on some great teams, and he’s quite possibly the best cornerback that the team has ever drafted.

McCleon was a primary starter for the greatest run in Rams history from 1999-2001, and he also contributed as a role player in the 1997, 1998, and 2002 seasons. Though he somehow failed to return an interception for a touchdown throughout his entire career, he had 20 interceptions in total during his time with the Rams, including eight during the 2000 season.

Though more of his value came from his playmaking ability than his coverage skills, he was decent in coverage and had two seasons with an Approximate Value of 8 according to Pro Football Reference. McCleon played four more seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans after leaving St. Louis, but his six seasons with the Rams, especially one for a Super Bowl victor and another for a team that reached the Super Bowl before losing to the New England Patriots, made his selection in the second round much more than worth it.

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