St. Louis Rams: Five Receivers Who Could Fill Bud Sasser’s Roster Spot

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou and Rams fans alike were disappointed to hear on Thursday that an apparent heart condition will prevent rookie sixth-rounder Bud Sasser from ever playing for the Rams, and likely in the NFL at all, as he was released by the team with a non-football illness designation. Aside from story being upsetting from a sentimental standpoint, it’s also disappointing because it cuts into the Rams’ receiving depth. Whereas Sasser would have had a good opportunity to compete for a spot on the Rams’ 53-man roster to start the season, fourth-year wideout Chris Givens now seems to have a spot to lose on the opening roster once again, which is a bit concerning due to his lack of production over the past two seasons.

Veteran wideout Damian Williams, who served a brief stint with the Rams last season, as well as 2014 practice squad members Devon Wylie and Emory Blake and a slew of lower-end undrafted rookies could compete for Givens for a job. With that said, it would probably be wise for the Rams to bring in another wideout to push for a position. They’ll be hard-pressed to earn a job on the 53-man roster after getting a late start on offseason training, but here are five free agent receivers who might make sense in St. Louis as the Rams aim to fill Sasser’s roster spot.

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