St. Louis Rams: Five Offensive Linemen Who Make Real Sense in the 2015 NFL Draft

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Quinton Spain- OG/OT, West Virginia- 6’4, 332

Round Projections: RD6-7 (, RD7-FA (CBS Sports/

Though he didn’t take part in any postseason All-Star games and was not invited to the NFL Combine, there’s a pretty strong consensus among dedicated offensive line evaluators that Spain will be a great value for whoever ends up getting him. A massive human being, Spain has great road-grader potential, as he uses his leverage well, really knows how to drive defenders backward, and frequently runs them into the ground. Though his effort appears to be a bit inconsistent at times, he’s highly physical the majority of the time, and will go hard to the whistle, looking for additional blocks once he covers his first assignment.

He has technical things to work on, namely his footwork but also his knee bend, his cut blocking, and his conditioning, but Spain is a talented player overall who should be able to develop into a starter quickly, if not immediately. With his aggressive style, he’d be a very good fit in the Rams’ ground-and-pound offense, especially if he drops to the lower rounds.

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