St. Louis Rams: Five Offensive Linemen Who Make Real Sense in the 2015 NFL Draft

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Trenton Brown- OG/OT, Florida, 6’8, 355

Round Projections: RD6-7 (, RD7 (CBS Sports/

Brown is one of the most curious prospects in this year’s draft class; he’s absolutely massive at 6-foot-8 and 355 pounds (as of the combine), but he has the potential to be even bigger, as he weighed in at 376 pounds at this year’s Senior Bowl. It should be interesting to see if Brown can keep his weight and conditioning under control as a pro. Early indications are that he will be, as he blamed his Senior Bowl weigh-in on his inability to pay for nutritious food, promising the massive weight loss that he carried through on at the combine.

Concerns about Brown’s weight and conditioning will probably drop him in the draft, especially since those issues contributed to him participating in a time share at Florida with Tyler Moore throughout the 2014 season. However, when he’s been on the field, he’s shown the skills to be an impactful NFL lineman, and teams will likely be intrigued by that. The Rams could definitely be one of those teams, considering that Jeff Fisher has been eager to bring in freakishly tall project tackles like Ty Nsekhe, Sean Hooey, Mitchell Van Dyk, and Steven Baker during his tenure in St. Louis and even brought in 6-foot-10, 403-pound Terrell Brown as an undrafted free agent in 2013.

Brown’s surprising agility and ability to pull, as well as his mediocre pass-blocking technique, will probably make him a stronger fit at guard than tackle in the NFL, though he did play tackle during his first season at Florida. Particularly if Brown is available in the later rounds, he’s a player who seems like a strong fit for a developmental depth player on Fisher’s roster.

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