Instant Breakdown: Cardinals Win Game 1


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– This game was over after the 3rd inning but credit the Cardinals for jumping on the Pirates and piling up the runs. 11 batters came up to the plate, 7 runs and the Pirates had to use their bullpen early. That’s sets the tone for the rest of the series.

– Adam Wainwright earned his Cy Young today. I know it’s suppose to be about the regular season results but he was dominate in this Game 1. Wainwright threw 7 innings and only allowed 3 hits and 1 earned run. Wainwright threw 105 pitches with 71 of them being strikes. That’s what you need from your ace.

– AJ Burnett. Yeah, that was terrible. AJ Burnett faced 8 batters in the 3rd inning and just collasped. And to think, if this series goes 5 games, he would be the Game 5 starter. Yikes.

– Carlos Beltran is earning his offseason money. He only had one hit but it was a BOMB.

Beltran has expressed interest in staying with the Cardinals. He would be worth it for the Cardinals to sign him to a two year deal.

– The Cardinals play at noon tomorrow. Yes, that is correct. The Cardinals are playing a playoff game at noon on a Friday. That is a terrible call by Major League Baseball.

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