Scottrade Center to Become TD Ameritrade Center Next Year


The St. Louis Blues’ arena will have yet another new name.

As Lisa Brown first reported in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday morning, online broker TD Ameritrade is purchasing St. Louis-based Scottrade for $4 billion in a merger that is set to be competed by September of next year. While this move is certainly much more frustrating for hundreds of St. Louis individuals who will be left without jobs than it is for St. Louis Blues fans who will have to update their lingo, the move will in fact have hockey implications, as Scottrade Center will become TD Ameritrade Center within the next year.

This will be the fourth name that the arena has had since it opened in 1994. It was originally known as the Kiel Center, retaining that name until the naming rights were sold to Savvis in August of 2000. After Savvis prematurely terminated its naming rights agreement, Scottrade purchased the rights in September of 2006, agreeing to a deal through 2021 with the Blues.

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It’s safe to say this merger could make things confusing for those who are fans of sports across the nation, as the company already has the naming rights to TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, the home of the College World Series. And while TD Ameritrade is technically a different company than TD Bank, which sponsors Boston’s TD Garden, it’s easy to understand how fans could become confused between the two arenas.