Five Freshmen with the Greatest Chance to Make an Impact for Missouri Tigers in 2016

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2. Damarea Crockett, RB

Crockett, a 5-foot-11, 212-pounder from Little Rock, Arkansas, already looked like a great candidate to contribute as a true freshman because of his physical maturity and the combination of power and elusiveness out of the backfield. Now, though, utilizing Crockett right away might be more of a need than a want for the Tigers after Marquise Doherty left Mizzou to concentrate on baseball and Nate Strong failed to clear the academic hurdles necessary to make it to Columbia in 2016. The Tigers are expected to get fifth-year Oklahoma transfer Alex Ross, who will probably end up as the starter, but they’ll still be looking for more depth beyond Ish Witter, Trevon Walters, Ryan Williams, and walk-on Shaun Conway. If Crockett arrives on campus as the most talented player among that group of backs, there’s no real reason to coddle him if he’d be the best of the bunch right away.

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