Mizzou Tigers Defeat Alabama A&M 5-3


Mizzou Tigers are lifted by Connor Brumfield and Zach Lavy.

After cancelling yesterday’s game due to rain, the Mizzou Tigers finally took the field against Alabama A&M for one-off engagement Wednesday night. The Tigers were in control throughout the game,  scoring all of their runs before the seventh inning. Pitcher Ryan Lee is credited with the win, while Parker Hill takes the loss for the A&M Bulldogs.

The Tigers began scoring early often; an error by Alabama A&M 1B Tyler Chatman led to a Zach Lavy single in the first inning that brought both CF Jake Ring and 3B Shane Benes home to make the score 2-0. An inning later, 2B Connor Brumfield singled to bring in LF Johnny Balsamo. Balsamo, a sophomore, had his first start of the season today. Brumfield, who went 2-4 on the day, singled again in the fourth to score RF Trey Harris and put the game away for good. A Brian Sharp groundout would bring Zach Lavy home in the sixth inning to finish off the scoring for the Tigers.

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It wasn’t all peaches and cream for the Mizzou Tigers. The Alabama A&M pitching staff held the Tigers to just four hits; it was the Tigers’ luck that A&M also walked five batters, and that the four hits the Tigers were able to get also happened to be the hits that scored the majority of their runs. Of course, at the end of the day a win is a win, but one can’t imagine head coach Tim Jameison being too happy that a pitching staff that is 2-12 this season held his team to four hits.

Nor could he be happy about the fielding display put on by his team. The Tigers committed three errors today, two of which put relievers Cole Bartlett and Brian Sharp in a jam in the eighth inning. After one error put a man on second, another put runners on second and third, turning what could have been a routine inning into a sticky situation. However, this could be overshadowed by the fact that A&M catcher Ryan Thrasher passed multiple balls throughout the evening. But the display put on tonight by the Mizzou Tigers will not get them very far in conference play. The Mizzou Tigers now welcome Youngstown State for a three-game series this weekend.

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