2015 Arch Awards: Who was the MVP of St. Louis Sports This Year?

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There were plenty of great athletes who graced the St. Louis sports scene with their presence during 2015, but which one was the most valuable of all?

Though 2015 wasn’t the greatest year for team success in St. Louis sports, there were still plenty of exciting athletes who we as spectators got the opportunity to appreciate this year. New arrivals like Jason Heyward, Todd Gurley, and Terry Beckner, Jr. significantly energized their teams, and the breakout performances of guys like Tavon Austin, Carlos Martinez, and Jake Allen have been extremely fun to watch throughout the year.

Now, though, we’re attempting to determine which athlete on the St. Louis sports scene (yes, Mizzou counts, for those of you who want to get technical about it) was the most valuable to his respective team this year as we pick the winner of the St. Louis MVP Arch Award.

Here are our nominees for the 2015 St. Louis Sports MVP:

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