St. Louis Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens: Staff Predictions


As kickoff approaches for the Rams’ crucial contest with the Ravens, our staff engaged in our weekly ritual of trying to project the outcome.

Patrick Karraker: “The Ravens are not a good team this year. With that said, and with all due respect to the Rams’ talented core players, I’m not going to pick an offense that’s quarterbacked by Case Keenum and is starting Cody Wichmann and Andrew Donnal on the offensive line to claim victory. I expect the Rams’ offense to have real struggles this week (even more than usual), due to the fact that Todd Gurley’s opportunities are going to be limited by the lack of experience or talent on the offensive line, and the passing game certainly isn’t going to be any better with the issues up front. I’ll guess that the Rams’ offense is held without a touchdown in a low-scoring matchup.”

6. 51. 16. 26. Final

Sammy Stava: “Baltimore is a lot better than their 2-7 record in my opinion. I don’t have a lot of faith in the Rams on the road, especially with what happened last week against the Bears. Case Keenum might have a good day as a starter, but not good enough for the win, as the Rams’ inconsistencies will continue.”

51. 24. 26. Final. 10

Paul Lamb: “The Ravens are definitely a long way from the Ray Lewis-led team that won a Super Bowl just a few years ago. As one NFL commentator said, “people just aren’t afraid of them any more”. For the Rams, last week was embarrassing. But changes offensively will lift them over the Ravens’ pitiful defense, which will be the difference maker.”

10. 26. 24. 51. Final

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