Missouri Tigers Lose to Xavier Musketeers, 78-66


The Missouri Tigers lost 78-66 to the Xavier Musketeers on Tuesday in Cincinnati.

What sank the Tigers was simply being outplayed. Xavier had multiple advantages over the Tigers, the most pronounced of which was size. Xavier’s size advantage allowed them to outrebound the Tigers, taking away Missouri’s bread and butter. The Musketeers had 43 rebounds, compared to Missouri’s 30.

Both teams were evenly matched in shooting. Both teams hit six three-pointers, and Missouri hit 23 shots from the floor. Xavier was more successful from the stripe, hitting 24 of 29 free throws.

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That Xavier had 29 free throws puts into stark relief Mizzou’s biggest problem. The Tigers commit way too many fouls. Over the course of the game, the Tigers committed 19 fouls, and Tramaine Isabell committed five all by himself.

Mizzou had other problems, primarily their turnover situation. Mizzou turned over the ball 20 times, more than in their last two games combined.

Despite those problems, the formula largely remained the same. Four Mizzou players scored more than 10 points, led by Cullen Vanleer with 13. 22 of their 30 rebounds came off defense, and shot 42 percent from the floor.

However, the Xavier Musketeers did everything the Tigers did, but better.

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