St. Louis Rams vs. Cleveland Browns: Staff Predictions


With the St. Louis Rams returning from their bye week to face the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, our Arch Authority staff got together once again to try to project the outcome of the team’s sixth game this year. Here’s how our staff thinks Sunday’s game will play out:

Patrick Karraker (2-3): “It’s arguable that the Rams’ only two viable offensive contributors are Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin, but luckily those two have been very good and have turned into players who have the ability to score on a weekly basis. If the defense can manage a Browns defense that currently has neither a viable running game or a standout quarterback, the Rams should have a good shot to emerge victorious on Sunday.”

51. Final. 7. 53. 14

Nic Moody (3-2): “The Rams desperately need to get a win if they have any hope to make a playoff run. The Browns present a winnable matchup at home, and Todd Gurley will likely have a hayday on the ground against the last-ranked Browns rushing defense. The Rams defense has handled two of the best offenses in the league, so the Browns shouldn’t be too big of a problem.”

10. 53. 20. 51. Final

Sammy Stava (1-2): “Taking the Rams here. The schedule gets easier from here on out for St. Louis, and they must take advantage if they want to make a run at the playoffs. I think they will start to do that with a winnable game at home. “

17. 53. 21. 51. Final

Paul Lamb (3-2): “The Browns are often overlooked, but maybe they shouldn’t be. They’ve lost 3 games by 3 points to good teams (Oakland, Denver, San Diego), and boast a win against Baltimore. For the Rams, it comes down to which offense shows up. The one that scores 31 against Seattle, or that scored 7 against Washington and 6 against Pittsburgh. Should be a close one, and could be a snoozer, but I’m taking the Browns, who are better than people think.”

51. Final. 28. 53. 14

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