St Louis Rams 2016 Draft Priorities are Clear


The St Louis Rams have only played five games so far this season, but it has become abundantly clear what they already need to be focusing on in next year’s draft. They have a young, experienced quarterback, with speed options of Tavon Austin and a future star running back in Todd Gurley. So at this point, given the play of the team, the Rams have got to make getting a legitimate number one wide receiver a priority this upcoming offseason.

Now this could change; Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, and Stedman Bailey all have opportunities to step up and prove their worth with eleven games remaining. As of now, though, these players’ stats and performances are nowhere near where they should be. Kenny Britt has been inconsistent, with multiple drops on third downs and final drives. Brian Quick has only played one game since returning from his injury, but dropped a pass that hit him between the numbers on Sunday. Stedman Bailey has shown the most promise as a Rams wide-out thus far, but he needs to create more separation.

So any of these guys could step up and become a number one option, but at the moment, it would appear the Rams need to find a legitimate “true go-to option”. Someone who is tall, broad, and can be relied on to catch the ball time after time. The bad part is, this isn’t a great year for talent. There are not many wide receivers projected to go in the first round, so the talent isn’t as deep as it has been in the past few years. Laquon Treadwell will likely go early in the draft (if the rankings stayed the same from here on out), leaving many talented receivers behind him projected to go in the later rounds.

A reasonable option for St Louis would likely be Tyler Boyd. He has great talent, but a history of off field issues, something Jeff Fisher is wonderful at handling. There could be significant value there if Tyler drops far enough. Michael Thomas is the only other current possibility that fits the true wide receiver marks. He might be gone by the middle of the first round also, depending on how his season plays out. The Rams could take a chance on Ricky Seals-Jones and De’runnya Wilson just based on their size alone, but at the moment they are only projected to be third round talents.

The Rams might not have the options that were available in past drafts, but they need to start considering options if none of the current receivers on the roster can step up before the season ends.

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