St. Louis Rams vs. Green Bay Packers: Staff Predictions


The 2-2 St. Louis Rams take on the 4-0 Green Bay Packers on Sunday, looking to continue a trend of beating elite teams while ending the undefeated streak of one of the league’s six remaining perfect teams. Here’s our staff’s weekly guesses at how the matchup will play out:

Patrick Karraker (2-2): “The Rams may have made a real breakthrough in Week 4 versus Arizona, as running back Todd Gurley and the young offensive line seemed to have something click during the fourth quarter of the upset win. That could enable the Rams to succeed again against Green Bay’s mediocre run defense, which is ranked 21st in the NFL. The Rams defense has been able to contain dominant quarterbacks rather well in recent years (including 27-16 win over Drew Brees’s New Orleans Saints in 2013, and a 38-8 defeat of Andrew Luck’s Colts in the same season), so it’s realistic to think that the Rams could at least limit Aaron Rodgers’ productivity on Sunday. The bigger issue will lie with stopping Eddie Lacy, who could have a field day against the same Rams run defense that has gotten run over by guys like Matt Jones and a fresh-off-suspension Le’Veon Bell. In the end, I have a feeling that the Rams could continue their trend of beating better teams and end Green Bay’s undefeated run.”

49. 31. 51. Final. 24

Nic Moody (2-2):The Rams are coming off of a huge win at Arizona, but honestly it won’t do much good against the packers at home. St Louis will likely struggle to run the ball and will not be able to out gun Aaron Rodgers.”

Final. 20. 49. 10. 51

Sammy Stava (0-2): “After the win over Arizona last week, expect the Rams to put up a fight against Green Bay, but not to win. If the Rams can be competitive in this one, the rest of the season will look bright, especially with an easy schedule coming up (Browns, 49ers, Bears, etc.). It will be too much Aaron Rodgers to handle on Sunday, but the Rams can still be in good shape. They’ll fall to 2-3, but that looks a lot better than 1-4 thanks to the Arizona win.”

51. Final. 27. 49. 13

Paul Lamb (2-2): “Last week was a good week from the Rams, and it was even nicer to improve my season record. But as long as Aaron Rodgers is the QB in a game played in Lambeau, he could be throwing me the ball and nobody would beat him.”

49. 14. 51. Final. 31