Rams Potential Riverfront Stadium Gets Naming Rights


The St Louis Rams have moved closer to securing funding for their new potential stadium.

Dave Peacock and the stadium task force have been hard at work as of late. With the October meetings underway, the NFL moves closer and closer to a potential 2016 return to Los Angeles. Tuesday night, governor Jay Nixon made a huge statement revealing a naming rights deal with National Car Rental for a 20-year, $158 million-dollar plan. That will average about $7.9 million dollars a year for the constant advertisement.

Patrick T. Farrell, chief marketing officer for Enterprise Holdings had this to say after the announcement:

"“National Car Rental and its target customers are a great match with the NFL and its fan base, as we continue to elevate the National Car Rental brand, this venue provides great exposure in a high-profile property with fans who align nicely with our service offering.”"

According to sources, Peacock approached NCR earlier this summer about a possible sponsorship. Instead of that option, they did Peacock one better, and purchased the rights to name the proposed stadium. The deal helps secure more funding for a stadium that could end up costing more than originally anticipated.

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The owners all offered their opinions after the meeting today. With the general feeling that the NFL will likely vote in January after all three times will likely file for relocation around that time. That still leaves plenty of time for the St Louis task force to cover loose ends and secure more funding. The NFL has called St Louis’ stadium plan “impressive” and “well thought-out”. Roger Goodell also mentioned Wednesday that the NFL wants to “respect all home markets and follow the relocation guideline rules”. Which is another positive for the new stadium.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan hinted that Los Angeles might need a “plan C” option, which makes sense given all the possible outcomes that could happen. There is probably a plan D, E, F and so on for the ultimate resolution. We won’t know anymore until January most likely.

Despite all the speculation. The naming rights deal offers some optimism for Rams fans for the time being.

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