St Louis Rams: Grades By Position in Week 4

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Running Back: A-

Todd Gurley gets his first start and out of absolute nowhere, the Rams have a rushing attack again. Why do you take a running back tenth overall when he has a torn ACL? When they have the vision Gurley has, the power and speed Gurley has, and the play-making ability Gurley has, it becomes pretty clear why the Rams drafted Gurley so high. Gurley also showed an extreme football I.Q. but we will get to that in a moment. Todd Gurley finished the game with 19 carries and 146 yards, surpassing the entire Rams rushing attack in the first three games all by himself in a single game. Gurley made the runs when they mattered most. The lack of a first half performance downgrades Gurley to an A- rather than a A, (also doesn’t help that Tre Mason and Benny Cunningham both had slow days) but Gurley still won the hearts of many fans in yesterdays performance when he chose to ice the game and lay down instead of run into the end zone for his first NFL touchdown. Don’t worry Gurley, there’s always next week.