St Louis Rams: Keys to Victory Against Arizona

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Start with the passing game

I have a weird theory. The likelihood of this actually happening is slim to none, but what the heck. Instead of sending the offense out on the first drive with a plan of run-run-pass, why don’t we go out and let our new general do what he was brought here to do. Nick Foles is better than the Rams give him credit for. Let Foles run some drives. Instead of trying to run to open up the pass, why don’t we try passing to open up the run? The rushing attack that Jeff Fisher desires so much obviously isn’t going to happen for a while, and has had no success thus far this season. So what is the harm in trying the pass? I know that our passing game isn’t the best, but it’s worked better than our run game has. With only six points scored last game, it might help to try something new.