St Louis Rams: Keys to Victory Against Arizona

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The St Louis Rams love divisional games. The teams usually do not like each other, which turns the games into a pound-for-pound death match from start to finish. The Arizona Cardinals have the best record in the NFC West at the moment. At 3-0, they are still undefeated, and the St Louis Rams are looking for a chance at redemption.

At first glance, it may seem like a huge improbability that the Rams have any possibility of beating the Cardinals on Sunday, but the truth is, the Rams have a great chance to pull off an upset. The Cardinals are a great team, but keep in mind the combined record of the three teams the Cardinals have faced is 1-8. So even though their numbers are extremely impressive, the numbers are likely skewed in favor of poor teams faced.

Here is what the Rams need to do in order to pull off a Week 4 upset, and be forgiven of the last two weeks.