Should St. Louis Rams Let Gurley into Training Camp?


If there is one thing you can take away from the St. Louis Rams’ 10th overall pick through the baby steps of OTA’s, it’s that he is bound determined to get on the field as quickly as possible. Running back Todd Gurley has been rehabbing for over seven months now, and he worked hard on sideline drills and walkthroughs during OTA’s. Gurley mentioned to the media that he is hoping to get on the field by training camp, and the only concern should be, should St. Louis let him?

ACL’s are a tricky matter. You don’t want to rush them, but at the same time, you cannot simply baby them forever. There is a clear reason why the Rams drafted him, and putting him on the bench won’t win any games, especially against the tougher part of the Rams schedule.

It is impossible to know exactly when they should let Gurley play, but the Rams should make sure to use training camp wisely to let Gurley get his feet wet. If Fisher wants to just throw Gurley in, that’s fine, but do it during the regular season. The last thing I want to see is Todd Gurley re-tearing his ACL in the preseason after his eleventh rush, or even as another horror story from training camp. Bring Gurley in, continue to bring him along slowly, and he will be ready for week one.

Gurley has put in the mental reps. He is studying hard, and even now that OTA’s are finished, Gurley says he still will be learning the playbook and studying harder and harder to be ready for the season. With the effort he is putting in, it won’t be too difficult for him to just start week one and learn on the go.

Gurley might be ready by training camp, but St Louis shouldn’t release the gate until week one at the minimum.

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