Takeaways From St Louis Rams OTA’s


The St Louis Rams wrap up their OTA’s today. For the last two weeks, fans have gotten plenty of news, both positive and negative, about how the team is playing and even who is turning a few heads. Here are some highlights and concerns that have come up during the last 14 days:

Everyone Loves Nick Foles

Nick Foles offers St Louis a great option at quarterback, but there were still some questions on how he would handle his new role in St Louis. We may not know long term, but it’s off to one heck of a start.

Foles showed up throwing heat. Foles impressed the coaches and players from day one, and after scrolling through massive amount of eye witness news, I am convinced he didn’t have a single bad day at OTA’s. Jared Cook and Kenny Britt had nothing but praise for the new signal caller, with Britt even applauding Foles for his immediate and strong leadership qualities.

This is wonderful news for Rams fans, as they haven’t seen a true quarterback leader in many years.

Gurley and Quick are rehabbing wonderfully

Brian Quick was on his way to a career high year, before he suffered a hard shoulder tear in week 8 versus Kansas City. Quick was able to nab 25 receptions and gain 375 yards in seven games despite inconsistent quarterback play from Davis. Quick spent his two weeks working one on one in rehab on the sidelines, and from the sound of things, is rehabbing nicely.

Todd Gurley also participated on the sideline, rehabbing from his torn ACL. Gurley is using the time he can’t physically participate to mentally participate. Gurley is studying the playbook, and hitting the film room. With Gurley able to run and make minor cuts in OTA, it should give a good indication he could be ready for the season, which is great news for the tenth overall pick.

The offensive line is young and inexperienced, but also mean

The Rams have possibly two rookies starting on the offensive line this season. This may scare some, but make no mistake, the two front runners are up to the task. Rob Havenstein’s massive size (6’7, 321 lbs) will let him succeed from day one, creating holes for Gurley using his massive strength. He will still need plenty of seasoning in pass blocking, but there is time for that over the summer before week one.

Jamon Brown is another force on the right side. Brown will likely play guard, and with his big frame and brute strength, should be able to hold his own against pass rushers and have no problem pushing them back for Gurley. Again, plenty of time for development before the season begins.

Although these rookies have upside, let’s not forget, they ARE rookies. This means they will likely false start a lot, and forget the play once a drive. Foles is used to being under pressure, but after having Sam Bradford, Rams fans have no desire to see their quarterback hit.

With OTA’s wrapped up, it will be great to see how the team can come together for camp.

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