St. Louis Rams: Five Receivers Who Could Fill Bud Sasser’s Roster Spot

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

L’Damian Washington

Washington is probably the least likely of these players to actually garner consideration from the Rams due to the fact that he himself was released with an injury settlement by the Pittsburgh Steelers just a few days ago, but what better way to appease the crossover Mizzou/Rams fans than by replacing one Mizzou receiver, Sasser, with another in Washington?

Washington’s hands are viewed by many as less-than-stellar, but considering that he has fantastic size (6’4, 195) and solid speed (4.46 40-yard dash), it’s a bit perplexing that he’s found it so difficult to stick with a team, having played for six different NFL franchises over the past year. Washington would provide a unique skill set to the Rams, as he’s a bigger receiver that has some legitimate breakaway speed, as opposed to guys like Kenny Britt or Brian Quick, who rely a bit more on physical dominance than blazing speed in order to succeed. Depending on the severity of his injury, it may not make sense to fill a roster spot with Washington, but it can’t hurt to give him a chance, especially considering the good vibes that bringing in another player from the home-state school would create.

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