St. Louis Rams: Five Defensive Linemen Who Make Real Sense in the 2015 NFL Draft

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Leonard Williams– DT, USC- 6’5, 302

Round Projections: RD1-top three (, RD1 (

It’s a near impossibility that Williams, the most talented defensive player in this year’s draft, will fall to pick 10. But if by some chance the Rams package Michael Brockers in a trade to move up in the first round (as has been rumored recently) Williams would be a very logical selection as his replacement.

Williams would be a bit similar to Brockers in that his primary skills are as a run defender. While one could choose to see the negatives in that by stating that he’s not a finished product as a pass rusher, it can also be seen as a positive since Williams will free up Aaron Donald to do what he does best. Williams is exceptionally rangy and athletic, he works well with his hands, and his technique is very well-polished. But while Brockers was considered a plus run defender coming out of college, Williams has the chance to be historically good, as he had 80 total tackles during 2014 and consistently went out of his way to collect tough takedowns.

Williams’ best position is at a 5-technique end in a 3-4 scheme, and he has struggled a bit as he’s shifted closer to the center, so that may be something for the Rams to consider as they weigh the merits of drafting him. But if they moved Brockers and got ahold of a high enough pick to take Williams, the Rams would surely have the best defensive tackle duo in the NFL.

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