St. Louis Rams: Five Offensive Linemen Who Make Real Sense in the 2015 NFL Draft

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Jake Fisher- OT/OG, Oregon- 6’6, 306

Round Projections: RD2 (, RD1-2 (CBS Sports/

Oregon’s Jake Fisher was perhaps discounted early on in the draft process purely because of the school he comes from; Oregon is known for speed and a more finesse style of play, thus people who hadn’t watched his tape may have thought of him as more of a technician. As the draft has approached closer, however, Fisher has taken his rightful spot near the top of many experts’ tackle rankings.

Though he’s not exactly built like a prototypical road-grader, Fisher is anything but finesse. He’s got an exceptionally great motor and an affinity for flattening defenders. He’s got very quick feet and gets to the second level well. He could use some work as a pass blocker— and he should aim to improve his hand placement, as he’ll be susceptible to holding calls in the NFL if he keeps positioning them the way he did at Oregon.

Fisher, who was converted from tight end to tackle at Oregon, has the positional versatility that the Rams seem to desire in their linemen. He’d likely be capable as either a left or right tackle in the NFL, and he also played guard as a freshman at UO.

If the Rams don’t feel like a reunion with incumbent right tackle Joe Barksdale is in the cards, they could elect to take Fisher with their second round pick and have a plug-and-play right tackle for 2015.

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