Billiken Basketball Recruiting Update


If New York City is “The Big Apple”, Jim Crews has become the worm biting pieces off.

A historic basketball city that’s bred countless elite college and pro players, the city that never sleeps, could be the one to wake up SLU’s snoozing program. Joining Reggie Agbeko and Ash Yacoubou, Jermaine Bishop becomes the third New Yorker on the roster, and the third class of 2015 recruit.

With Austin McBroom leaving the program, Jim Crews was on the search for another point guard. Marcus Bartley played well throughout the year, and progress shows he’ll likely be the day 1 starter. Bringing in Jermaine Bishop, though, brings in an interesting push for the backup spot, between him and Miles Reynolds.

The city that never sleeps could be the one to wake up SLU’s snoozing program.

All last year, I said the Bills needed to show more grit and some heart in their games. A little toughness goes a long way, and that’s something Jermaine Bishop brings to the table. Look at Agbeko and Yacoubou, fellow New Yorkers. Hard to argue those two aren’t the top 3-4 toughest players on the roster. Adding Jermaine Bishop, who’s not afraid to get on the floor or take some hard fouls, brings an edge to a young SLU team looking for a personality.

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With one more scholarship open for 2015, it’ll be intriguing to see which direction the coaching staff chooses to take. There’s a plethora of transfers out there, including a good amount of ready to play grad students, an option that’s taken the NCAA by storm. This would leave open that scholarship for 2016, a make or break recruiting year for Crews, while providing immediate impact. Doubtful any regular transfers will be in the picture.

Finally, Jashire Hardnett, out of Gulfport, MS, remains a popular fan recruit. Standing only 5’10”, the point guard plays with a chip on his shoulder, and doesn’t fear taking the ball to the rack. Ideally, SLU could grab a 3-4 swingman, but they seem to be content with Milik Yarbrough, Ash Yacoubou, or MAYBE EVEN JAYSON TATUM (ok, probably not, but let a man dream) filling that role in years to come.

I’ve been critical of Jim Crews over the last months, even calling for his departure at points. But I tip my hat to the coach on his recruitment of Bishop, who also had some interest from programs like Notre Dame, Villanova, and Dayton. This is a step in the right direction. A step towards a better future, similar to a great past. Along with the two big men, 2015’s class has rounded out into a nice piece of the puzzle. You’re still in the pressure cooker, Coach Crews, but I’ll crack open the lid to let some of the air out.

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