SLU vs. Indiana State: Quick Thoughts, Start Time, Radio


A win is a win, something that St. Louis fans know better than most (i.e. Rams). After the home opener against SIU, this was evident for the Billikens. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a win. And, whether fortunately or unfortunately, it seems like that’s the way most games will go this year. As they move forward to a matchup with Indiana State later tonight, a winnable but tough game, there are areas they have to show improvement in:


I said it after the Harris-Stowe game, before the SIU opener, and now again. It’s another theme I think we’ll be talking about a lot this season. 17 is less than they committed against Harris-Stowe, but still not good. Especially considering they averaged 14 per game last year, which still wasn’t great. The ball handlers against SIU were sloppy and scared. Not a great sign for a young team at the start of the season. Against Indiana State, the goal should be under 15 turnovers.

Finding a second option at point guard

Earlier in the year, Coach Jim Crews said that there “are only a handful of guys in the nation that can play 35-38 minutes per game.”  SLU doesn’t have those guys, it seems. Thus, 35 minutes from Austin McBroom against SIU isn’t something they can rely on. While he proved to be a leader, with a clutch 3 to out the Bills ahead late, 35 minutes/game will hurt him and drive down production. So who’s the next best option? I thought Miles Reynolds was a good candidate, but he played poorly in the opener. Davell Roby had a solid game, but struggled from the field. Marcus Bartley stepped in and controlled the game well. Either has the potential to grow into a trustworthy secondary choice.

Widespread scoring

Austin McBroom, Ash Yacoubou, and Mike Crawford accounted for 74% of the scoring against SIU. Even more surprising, they accounted for close to 65% of the shooting. On a team with 6-7 contributing freshmen, that shows a reluctance to shoot. Nobody’s expected Austin Gillmann or Roby or Yarbrough to shoot 15 times per game, but the film shows them passing up a lot of opportunities. Especially Austin Gillmann. He’s a good shooter, and can’t be afraid to pull the trigger when he pops out to the three off of the pick.


Intensity can’t be measured or coached. It’s something that’s nurtured from within, and it starts at the top with the leadership. Luckily, Coach Crews says the team, “has 13 guys being leaders, rather than 1 or 2. I’ve never seen anything like it before.” Some of that leadership should turn towards diving for loose balls, fighting for rebounds, and playing with an edge. This isn’t a team that can outscore opponents. They’ll have to wear them down physically and mentally, then take advantage.

Start Time: 6:05 p.m.

Location: Terra Haute, Indiana

Radio: 101.1 ESPN (St. Louis)—no TV coverage