Rating the St. Louis Rams’ 2014 Draft Picks at Midseason

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4. Tre Mason

If we had assembled this list after four games, Mason would be near the bottom of this list, as he was a healthy inactive to start the season and fell behind undrafted rookie Trey Watts on the depth chart. Since then, however, Mason has performed very well and seems to be making his way toward securing the starting position at running back, getting the first start of his career last week in San Francisco.

Over four games splitting carries in a timeshare with Benny Cunningham and, at times, Zac Stacy, Mason has 49 carries for 222 yards and a touchdown. That means he’s on pace for 147 carries and 666 yards, which would be very respectable for a rookie who had to work his way into the rotation during the course of the season. Obviously, the key is making sure that he doesn’t regress as much as Stacy has during his second season and thereafter, but for now, it looks like the Rams got it right with the Mason pick.