Staff Predictions for St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers


The St. Louis Rams face off against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night for their first division game of 2014. Our Arch Authority staff assembled to make predictions on the outcome of that contest:

Patrick Karraker, Editor: “With as fluid as the Rams’ offense looked at points last week, it’s difficult to imagine them upsetting San Francisco. For all we know, the team may be in shambles Monday night, as the Rams could be without as many as six players due to injury, and they may be in for a rough transition on the offensive line if Greg Robinson makes his starting debut, as has been rumored. Austin Davis should continue to perform well, but more than likely we’ll see the other areas of the team continue to be as inconsistent as they have been all season.” 49ers 42, Rams 21

Scott Criscione, Staff Writer: “UPSET ALERT: Austin Davis will shock the world at home and pull off a great win against a San Fran team that assumes it will roll over the Rams. The Rams defense will get sacks and cause at least two turnovers. Why am I saying this? Because I have been giving some lazy backtracking picks this year. I’m going for the homerun pick. No backtracking.” Rams 33, 49ers 20

Paul Lamb, Staff Writer: “To be honest, I really want to pick the Rams to win this week. With the Broncos on tap next week, this is a ‘trap game’ of sorts for the 49ers. But with all the talk about job security for Harbaugh and how he’s ‘lost the locker room’, San Francisco won’t pass on an opportunity like Monday Night Football to prove their strength on a national stage. Unless Austin Davis can put up ridiculous numbers and the defense can contain Kaepernick, this one could get out of hand.” 49ers 34, Rams 17