USA Beats Ghana 2-1


The USA Outlaws got off to a great start in their first match against their biggest rivals, Ghana. in the first 30 seconds they scored their first goal via Clint Dempsey and after that it was all Ghana.

Ghana dominated the match throughout by outshooting the USA 17-6 at one point in the second half. USA fans were able to have some hope after the first goal, but knew it was a long road to win. Trey Shaw of St. Louis said, “We’ve been good. I thought the USA would have been effected by the weather, but so far so good.”

13 inches of rain hit the region the weekend before hand but it had no effect on the conditions on the field.

The big hero for Team USA was John Brooks. His goal in the 86th minute was the game changer. He also was the first goal scored by a sub this late in USA World Cup history. (goal 2 from The Post is right here).

All in all i was a sloppy game for Team USA. But they won. They now are in the drivers seat of the group along with Germany, who won earlier. Next up, Portugal. They have the advantage versus them after today’s slaughter and they have to take advantage of that.

(game winning reaction)