2014 MLB Draft, Day 3: Start Time, Live Stream, and More


The MLB Draft concludes on Saturday, with rounds 11-40 taking place. In these rounds, teams will be looking to add quality depth to their minor league systems and find some diamonds in the rough who can eventually be big-league contributors. While like any sport, the success rate of late draft picks is much lower than that of the higher ones in baseball, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for players taken this late to be successful.

There are plenty of examples of late-round success stories on the St. Louis Cardinals. 2013 All-Star Matt Carpenter was a 13th-rounder. The Cardinals discovered Trevor Rosenthal, their current closer, as a junior college shortstop and took a flyer on him in the 21st round. Lefthanded starter Jaime Garcia was a 22nd-rounder in 2005. The Cards found first baseman Matt Adams out of largely unknown Slippery Rock University and snagged him in the 23rd round in 2009. Backup catcher Tony Cruz was taken in the 26th round. Lefty reliever Kevin Siegrist was a 41st-rounder in 2008 (which means, unfortunately, that he would have gone undrafted and perhaps gotten lost in the fold in the new shortened draft format). All this goes to show that while the players on Day 1 will get all of the big signing bonus money and media attention, it’s still very possible for the later picks to find their way and become successful major-leaguers.

If you happen to be watching out for the next Matt Carpenter or Trevor Rosenthal, you can follow along with MLB.com’s coverage all day Saturday. In addition, check in with Arch Authority for all the latest coverage.

Date: Saturday, June 7th

Start Time: 1pm ET/12pm CT

Live Stream: MLB.com

Draft Order:

Houston Astros

Miami Marlins

Chicago White Sox

Chicago Cubs

Minnesota Twins

Seattle Mariners

Philadelphia Phillies

Colorado Rockies

Toronto Blue Jays

New York Mets

Milwaukee Brewers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants

Los Angeles Angels

Arizona Diamondbacks

Baltimore Orioles

New York Yankees

Kansas City Royals

Washington Nationals

Cincinnati Reds

Texas Rangers

Tampa Bay Rays

Cleveland Indians

Los Angeles Dodgers

Detroit Tigers

Pittsburgh Pirates

Oakland Athletics

Atlanta Braves

Boston Red Sox

St. Louis Cardinals