Rams Add Steak, Fans Want Sizzle


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With their first two picks, the St. Louis Rams stayed safe and grabbed the best available players in Greg Robinson and Aaron Donald. While most would be okay with the biggest lineman in the draft, the big question is why add another defensive tackle to the lineup. Fans, this is a deep draft for corners and wide receivers. Don’t think that not getting Sammy Watkins means the world is ending and the Rams will go 0-16.

There are still many talents like Jordan Matthews out there that can be just as good. And at corner there are still people like Keith McGill. Both may not be the biggest names but still are just as talented. Pierre Desir is also still out there at cornerback.

But why add another defensive tackle? Aaron Donald was the best player available that matched our needs. Instead of stretching on a wide receiver the Rams elected to get another dominating tackle. Think, Quinn, Long, Brockers, Langford, Donald…. that is your front five. A front five that was not great against the run last year just added a great run stopper and someone who can shed blocks and get to the backfield. If the Rams don’t get 60 sacks as a unit this year, it will almost be a disappointment.

Don’t worry about the first few rounds. Jeff Fisher and Les Snead are good at picking those. It is the later rounds that will dictate if this draft will help the Rams ascend or not.