How Can The Rams Move Up In The NFC West?

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3. Be Patient

Now this seems counterproductive to the last point but let me be clear. You still need a lot of elite talent to win in the NFL. So why would the Rams also have to be patient to move up in the NFC West? Because of the parity in the NFL. The Rams finished 4th in the NFC West last year which means they will play Minnesota, Tampa Bay, and Washington. They will also play the Oakland Raiders. The Arizona Cardinals have an aging quarterback in Carson Palmer and who knows how good he is going to be next season. The NFL is built on parity. This is a league where one season you can be 2-14 and the next season be 11-5 and in the playoffs the next season (Kansas City Chiefs). It’s also the league where you can be the NFC runner up and then go 4-12 (Atlanta Falcons). The Rams are in a good position. They should still make moves to get better but they can make some noise in the NFC West in 2014.