Writers Panel: Can Mizzou Sustain Success In The SEC?

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I agree that the Missouri Tigers can be successful in the SEC, I have always asserted that the Tigers can have a 10 to 12 win season every once in a while if the stars aligned to allow that. They are recruiting well in Georgia and Florida which is key moving forward. However, they aren’t going to take all the elite prospects in those states. So you have to assume that Florida and Georgia will get it turned around. So can Mizzou sustain success in the SEC? Absolutely. Can they sustain elite success in the SEC year in and year out? No. The expectation for Mizzou should be 8 to 9 wins every year with the opportunity to get more wins if circumstances fall in Mizzou’s favor. This year it did.

Now the bigger question is can financially the state of  Missouri with 5 other professional sports organizations in a state of 6 million residents could also support an elite SEC football program? That’s a tough question to ask. It will be tough. Families are going to have to make tough choices. Do you purchase season tickets for the Cardinals or the Tigers? In Alabama, Auburn and Alabama are the only 2 big teams in a state of 4.8 million residents. It’s an easier choice to make. The Missouri Tigers are always going to have that working against them.  The Tigers will need to maximize their resources, play to their strengths and enjoy magical seasons like this when they come around.

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