Missouri Tigers Bowl Game Outlook


Nov 30, 2013; Columbia, MO, USA; The Missouri Tigers celebrate as they defeat the Texas A

The Missouri Tigers were able to hang on and beat the Texas A&M Aggies 28-21 Saturday night in Columbia, MO. Now it’s time to predict what bowl game the Missouri Tigers will be traveling to this season.

If Missouri wins the SEC Championship.

The Missouri Tigers will likely be ranked 4th in the BCS when the rankings come out on Sunday night. If the Tigers were able to beat the Auburn Tigers, they must have either Ohio State or Florida State lose their championship game to play for the National Championship. The Tigers aren’t an established power. Florida State and Ohio State are established powers in college football and unfortunately for Missouri, they are not. They will not get the benefit of the doubt from the national media or coaches. So they will go to the Sugar Bowl and face off against UCF. Even if they were able to blow out Central Florida, which is not a given, they wouldn’t have enough AP support to crown Co-National Champions.

If Missouri loses the SEC Championship.

The Missouri Tigers might get better bowl matchups however those bowl matchups would be inconsequential in obtaining the first national championship for the Mizzou football team. If Mizzou were to lose the SEC Championship game, the Tigers would not get a BCS at large bid. Alabama will still be ranked in the top 12 and their fanbase does travel very well. So then the Tigers would be the next highest ranked SEC team so that means the Capital One Bowl has to take them. So it would be a trip to Orlando, Florida for the Tigers. So who would they play? The Rose Bowl loves it’s Big 10-Pac 12 matchup. Even if Ohio State wins, the Michigan State Spartans should still be in the top 12 of the BCS so they will get the Rose Bowl bid. So that leaves Wisconsin as the highest ranked Big 1o team available. So it would be Wisconsin vs. Mizzou.

Other Bowl Predictions (Updated as they are released):

CBS Sports: Capital One Bowl Vs. Wisconsin.

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