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Brian Elliott Ready to Take Over as St. Louis Blues' Starting Goalie

According to, the Blues have named Brian Elliott as their starting goaltender heading into this season. This, of course, should come as no surprise to Blues fans.

Elliott, who was just recently awarded a new 3-year deal by the Blues, has long played the backup role to the likes of now former Blues Jaroslav Halak and Ryan Miller.  Elliott has never really had an opportunity to play as the starter, mostly because of his predecessors, and he is finally going to get his time to shine. The Blues’ postseason struggles over the last few years have been very frustrating, mainly due to the fact that they had unbelievable starting goaltending, but Halak could not lead us to the promise land, and let’s face it: Ryan Miller was a complete and total let down.

Brian Elliott gets to come into this season with a fresh start and the mindset of being the number 1 goalie, something that he has never had. The Blues have a strong defense and a lot to prove. Elliot is going to shine and show everyone why he should have been the starter a while ago. Brian, you finally get your chance. Now take your team and take us to the promise land once and for all, because I want just one Stanley Cup before I die!

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