Dec 15, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams running back Zac Stacy (30) celebrates his 40 yard touchdown with teammates during the first half against the New Orleans Saints at the Edward Jones Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Recap: St Louis Rams Upset The Saints

With the St Louis Rams out of playoff contention, they could of just packed it in and just gave in. They didn’t. When the Saints at the end of the game became the vintage Saints everyone is use to, they bend but they did not break as they hang out for the 27-16 win against the Saints. This keeps the hopes for an 8-8 season still intact.

Player of the game: 

Zac Stacy

133 yards on 28 carries and a huge touchdown run. He has become the feature back and with a healthy Sam Bradford, the Rams could be a huge contender in 2014.

Play(s) of the game: 

The two big field goal blocks by the Rams set the tempo of the game. The first blocked field goal helped keep the Saints off the board going into the half and stalled their momentum. The second one shut the door on a Saints comeback. Special teams always make a difference in getting an upset.


The Rams will play the Buccaneers in the home finale next Sunday. If the Rams can get the win next week, then they travel to Seattle in the final game of the season. Seattle will be resting many of their starters and the Rams will be looking to end the season on a 3 game winning streak. Hopefully that momentum will get the Rams a new stadium deal to stay in St. Louis for decades to come.

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  • Gary Stewart

    any pick we get here will help and while the higher pick sounds great the reality is that the picks between 12-16 are hard to separate so rooting for us to lose at this point is truly wasted energy had we lost to n.o. then lost the last 2 a pick at around 5-8 would have been better, but the wins going into next season with the momentum accompanied by a top 15 pick along with the rg3 pick that keeps on giving and the possibility to trade down and finding a way to resign saffold so as to save a draft pick on an o lineman would be an absolute coup the great news is we will know if saffold is ours b4 the draft and if we dont have an answer pull the deal off the table and draft either matthews or kuondjo and if saffold resigns go defense with every pick we can muster GO RAMS!!