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No Christian Symbols Allowed On Busch Stadium Mound

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An article from Rick Hummel was published on Stltoday.com and talked about John Mozeliak’s ban of the cross on the Busch Stadium pitcher’s mound. Here is an excerpt from the article:

In recent weeks, the grounds crew had carved a cross and a No. 6 (in honor of the late Stan Musial) on the backside of the mound but general manager John Mozeliak, who said he had learned about the practice from a Post-Dispatch report and photo, said Friday night that he had asked that practice cease.

“Once we learned of it,” said Mozeliak, “I did contact the grounds crew and just asked that they don’t.

“It’s just not club policy to be putting religious symbols on the playing field or throughout the ball park. I didn’t ask for the reason behind it. I just asked for it to stop.”

Mozeliak said he had been in touch with Major League Baseball about the matter after the article by the Post-Dispatch’s Derrick Goold had appeared, but he said the club already had made its decision to stop adding that particular artwork to the mound.

I understand John Mozeliak’s position and the Cardinals should stay neutral in regards to politics and religion. However, I do find hypocrisy in this move since the Cardinals have Christian day at the ballpark this Sunday after the game. I understand the necessity of staying neutral,  but don’t preach neutrality to me if you are going to expect those people of the same faith that symbol you banned to come out and spend their money on a promotion to get them to the ballpark. So if you want to have no religious symbols, then don’t have any specific game promotion to one religion.

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  • Garret

    Point is, christian day at the ball park happens AFTER THE GAME numb nuts. You can choose to pay to attend Christian Day at the Ballpark, or not attend Christian Day at the Ballpark. It’s a business you moron. They don’t want controversy or people of other religions to feel alienated by the Club or Personnel during games, because it’s what reaches the most people. Personally I’m not Christian, and I don’t give a rip if some grounds crew guy wants to draw a cross in honor of stan the man. I doubt most people do. But the Cardinals want to present an inclusive atmosphere during broadcasts. Everyone should want to spend 100 dollars to bring their kids to the game, another 70 on food, and 50 on souvenirs. Risking alienating one person is just not worth it to make some groundskeepers happy, who they’re paying to do a job anyway.